Meet your customers, consumers and shoppers online!


Instead of putting important business decisions on hold or deciding based on your intuition, you can use a variety of possibilities to build the foundation of consumer and customer feedback.


  • We offer qualitative online market research - via online platforms, video calls and further projective and interactive online solutions that are already successfully in use for better market understanding. At the same time, we are making sure processes and quality standards are fully met.
  • With highest hygiene standards and keeping the needed distance of 1,5m resp. 6ft, also 1-on-1 interviews are possible again.
  • As an alternative tool for stationary eye tracking, we like to offer you webcam tracking. With webcam tracking, you can use a method that participants can execute at home and that gives you similar answers as classic stationary eye tracking. Thus e.g. a website, a packaging or a handout can also be optimized for future months with the help of behavioral data.


We are very happy to support your important business decisions!