objective’s specials


Difficult issues are a challenge for which we offer new solutions. Our interdisciplinary team has developed its own methods for this:



Columbus | Consumer Expedition

  • Whenever a particularly wide consumer understanding is required and hardly any insights exist, Columbus comes into its own as an explorative method.
  • It can be used particularly well for product launches, relaunches or repositionings to understand the basic needs, wishes and motives of your target group.



ICP | Item Converging Process

  • From a large number of ideas, barriers, motives and statements, the ones with the greatest potential can be determined quickly and easily.



Concept Lab | Concept Development and Optimization

  • Your concepts are continuously tested and further developed in an interactive work process.
  • This way, your concepts are optimized with regard to acceptance and relevance for your target group.



MIG | Multistep Insight Generation

  • When it comes to generating, optimizing and evaluating insights, the MIG tool offers you the ideal solution.
  • The coherent integration of various objective tools can be seen as the especial advantage of the three-step process.