Market research tools


In addition, we naturally provide standard methods of market research. These are individualized as required and adapted to the context.



Focus groups and interviews

  • Mini groups (maximum of 4-5 participants)
  • Standard groups (6 - 8 participants)
  • Groups with experts / difficult targets
  • One-on-one explorations / in-depth interviews
  • Paired interviews
  • In-home interviews
  • In-store interviews
  • Ethnographic observation studies



Training and workshops:

In addition to the typical market research services, we also offer various training programs and workshops:



Moderation Training

In a one-day basic training session, our expe-rienced project directors impart the basics of qualitative market research to you. After a theoretical introduction, you have the opportunity to make practical use of your knowledge.



Learning Connect Workshop

Gain a wide understanding of habits, needs and wishes by personally discussing with your target groups under the direction of experienced moderators.



Creative Workshop

Together with you and based on your specific issues, we develop ideas with customized creative techniques and methods – whether for advertising, concepts, products or communication strategies