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for qualitative market research
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Objective‘s Specials

Complex questions are a positive challenge for us, for which we offer individual solutions:

Agile Research Multi-step, fast, flexible
Online & Live Research Combination The best from both worlds
Concept Lab Concept development and optimization
Research Pharmacy Pharmacy Research & Training
Objective Participator 100% customer involvement

Agile Research

Multi-step, fast, flexible

  • Adapted to innovative development processes in your company, product or communication ideas are evaluated on a top level basis and optimized step by step during the research. Thanks to the iterative approach, the ideal solution can be worked out efficiently, while you always remain flexible as to how many development stages are required.
  • For difficult and complex topics, with intense participation of the creative team, with a large number of test materials and creative ideas.

Online & Live Research Combination

The best from both worlds

  • In order to meet consumers in their real environment, to use the convenience of online possibilities and at the same time to enable personal interaction with consumers, we combine live and online research methods
  • Particularly suitable for questions about shopping topics, (home) routines or for studies with target groups, that are difficult to access

Concept Lab

Concept development and optimization

  • Concepts are continuously tested and further developed in an interactive work process
  • This way, concepts are optimized for acceptance and relevance for your target group
  • Optimal approach for multifunctional business or project teams

Research Pharmacy

Pharmacy Research & Training

Discover research and training opportunities in our unique research pharmacy:
  • Research for sell-in and sell-out material
  • Packaging and placement-tests, with and without eye tracking
  • Sales training for your pharmacy sales force with real pharmacists

Objective Participator

100% customer involvement

  • Conventional key stakeholder workshops are being replaced by structured customer workshops, in which the input from the research is "processed" directly with your team: key conclusions are drawn together, insights are derived together, recommendations are concretized together
  • As an active part of research, you increase the involvement of all stakeholders and commit your entire team to the next milestones


Of course, we also offer classical methods of market research. If necessary, these are individually adapted to your context.

Interviews and group discussions Stay in touch with your consumers and customers, live and online
Eye Tracking Research Best method for shopping trip and website assessment
Shelf Tests Live and virtual testing, with or without eye tracking
Trainings Interview training according to your needs, to enable you to interview on your own
Workshops To develop and elaborate together with your target group, we offer co-creation sessions and creative workshops

With online research, we use the newly gained flexibility for prompt, qualitative feedback on products, campaigns, ideas and development opportunities.

For the most authentic results possible in the online environment, we also combine live and online research methods, for example shopping trip experience with video in combination with online 1-on-1s or online in-home visits, also in combination with product testing.


We offer the full spectrum of all qualitative market research methods:

studio methods
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Duo-Interviews
  • Mini Groups
  • Focus Groups
in-context methods
  • Shelf-Tests
  • In-store Interviews
  • In-home Visits
creative methods
  • Concept Workshops
  • Creative Workshops
  • Co-Creation
  • Design Thinking
tech-based methods
  • Usability Tests
  • Virtual Shelf-Tests
  • Online Interviews or Communities
  • Eye Tracking